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In many ways the future of Malawi is in the hands of young people. The expansion in school provision means that many of them are better educated than their parents. However, the lack of employment opportunities means that many cannot find paid jobs and have to continue living at home as subsistence farmers. We are trying to help with vocational training and employment in tourism as explained in the Projects Economy section.

Young people have formed themselves into many youth groups. This is assisted by a Youth Officer in the Dedza District Council. Some of the groups try to educate other young people in the villages about civic rights, HIV/AIDS prevention, literacy etc. This is often done through short comical dramas an effective means of teaching to a non-literate audience. Sports sessions and other social events also help to bring people together.

Football kit

Football kit


Football training



UEA Development Studies students have worked with youth groups during their two month work placements in Dedza. In 2006 they organised a football tournament. This attracted a large crowd of people who were encouraged to take advantage of an HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and testing unit that was set up for the occasion.

Sally Alden, a manager at Broadland Council Training Services, visited Dedza in 2008. She worked with a community youth organisation to improve their organisational skills. This culminated in the organisation of a talent festival for young people, including music, drama and sport.

In 2012, John Vincent, then a sports lecturer at Norwich City College, carried out high level football coaching to representatives from amateur football clubs from across Dedza District. A sports lecturer and students from Easton College also carried out sessions with youth groups and schools. They also took out kit, balls and other sports equipment for the groups.

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