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We will help a social or community group that would like to set up a link with a group in Dedza. This could be a church, youth group, women's group, etc. Such links can help people learn about each other's way of life and share experiences. We hope that people will be able to visit their link groups. When that is not possible, other visitors may be able to take messages, photos and small items in their luggage.

St Luke's Church in Norwich has been linked with the Anglican Church in Dedza, which coincidentally is also called St Luke's. Parishioners have written to each other. The Norwich church has sent gifts for the children and raised money to assist the building of the church in Dedza. In 2008, visitors from Dedza attended a service in Norwich and presented the vicar with gifts.

St. Luke's, Dedza

St Luke's, Dedza

Visit to Norwich

Visit to Norwich