Projects - Public Sector - Computer Equipment

Studies have highlighted the importance of modern technology in promoting development. We have provided facilities to update social institutions and to train young people for a modern way of working.

Between 2005 and 2008 three shipping containers were sent to Dedza with a considerable number of computers and printers and even some photocopiers. Most of these came from Norwich City Council. It was redundant equipment made available by an upgrade of desktop facilities. Two technical staff went to Dedza for two weeks to set up the equipment and carry out some user training.

The equipment has been distributed to secondary schools, departments of the Dedza District Council other public agencies in Dedza such as the Police and Judiciary.

Anti virus training workshop.

Anti virus training workshop

Traing room in Dedza

Training room in Dedza

Some secondary schools have obtained more PCs from other charities and set up computer classrooms. Since 2007, groups of students have been taking the school leaving certificate in computer studies.

The influx of computers has also created a commercial opportunity in Dedza. A few companies have been set up to offer computer training and support and some shops are selling printer cartridges. Two public use internet cafes have opened

As well as opportunities, the computers do create problems in dealing with maintenance and virus protection. We are helping with this. Nigel Eames, a volunteer, periodically sends updated anti-virus and other useful software and is in email contact to give advice and assistance.

In the last three years further assistance has been provided by co-operation with the Computer Department of Glasgow City Council. Each year, computer equipment is shipped out and staff visit Malawi. They send a team to work in Dedza. They have installed PCs and small networks in various locations. They have also provided the PCs for a training room that can be used by Council staff and people from community groups. We provided funds for the furniture, electrical work and security measures for the room.