Both primary and secondary schools in Malawi are desperately short of books and equipment. Over the last three years we have collected materials and sent them to Dedza in shipping containers.

Primary school classroom

Primary school classroom

Book bags

Book bags

The reorganisation of Middle Schools in Norwich presented a good opportunity to obtain materials. Donations from such schools and others provided 136 boxes of surplus books, 78 boxes of stationery and equipment and 39 boxes of school uniforms and book bags. These were sent to Dedza in November 2007.

Such a shipment costs over 5000 and so we cannot afford to do it frequently. We do not have permanent storage facilities and can take items only when we know that a container is going to be sent and have make arrangements for it.

However, we may able to make special arrangements for small items or if particularly useful items are available. Volunteers visiting Dedza can sometimes take small or light items in their luggage. Such items could be -

  • mobile phone and charger (for Headteacher's communication)
  • sets of team sports kit (shirts and shorts)
  • footballs (deflated)
  • small dictionaries or other reference books
  • small stationery (ballpoint and felt-tip pens)

If you or your organisation has any materials that you think would be useful, it would be worthwhile getting in touch with us. Please use any of the contacts given on this website.

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