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Any pupil who has overcome the poor facilities of primary school and won a place in secondary school will be determined and bright and deserves this life changing chance.

Malawi cannot afford to provide free secondary schooling and students have to pay fees. Some lose the opportunity to continue their education because they have no one who can afford the money needed for fees and also pay for school uniform, writing materials, etc. Many are orphans or have families who are subsistence farmers with no cash income. Fees range from £32 a year for a local day school to £170 for a government boarding school.

Bursary student Bursary student Bursary student Bursary student

Bursary students

The Dedza District Council has a budget to pay bursaries to such children but the needs for exceed their means. We have had a fund to provide extra bursaries for some students. Because difficulties in travelling to Malawi have reduced our ability to monitor this programme, we have transferred our funds and recipients to another charity – CAMFED. Details of CAMFED’s work and how to make a donation are on their website (