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Any pupil who has overcome the poor facilities of primary school and won a place in secondary school will be determined and bright and deserves this life changing chance.

Malawi cannot afford to provide free secondary schooling and students have to pay fees. Some lose the opportunity to continue their education because they have no one who can afford the money needed for fees and also pay for school uniform, writing materials, etc. Many are orphans or have families who are subsistence farmers with no cash income. Fees range from £32 a year for a local day school to £170 for a government boarding school.

Bursary student Bursary student Bursary student Bursary student

Bursary students

The Dedza District Council has a budget to pay bursaries to such children. However, the needs far outstrip the resources. We have set up a fund to supplement this budget. The Social Welfare Department of the Council selects the recipients on the basis of need and sends the fees to the schools each term. It monitors the students' progress to ensure that resources are being directed to those who are progressing satisfactorily and will complete secondary schooling.

In order to assist the maximum number of children, the Council pays only the school fees and examination fees. Students generally find the money for uniform and other items from their extended family or a benefactor or try to earn money during the holidays. The Council will provide extra funds in cases of extreme hardship.

The message below from a former student shows what a difference a bursary can make.

I am Stanleck Julius from Mzuzu University, Malawi, one of those students you assisted at Umbwi Secondary Schools with school fees within the period of the years 2005-08. You contributed greatly in my life and without that support I wouldn't be where I am today! Despite many challenges I experienced after my secondary school, still I finally made it to University level, a thing which here in Malawi is quite a great achievement. All this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for your glorious touch to my life. After my secondary school education, I made it to Lilongwe Teachers Training College in 2009. I completed the course in 2011 and get employed by the gvt of Malawi as a primary school teacher in 2012. I worked only for two years since I had a great desire to pursue a bachelor's course anywhere here in Malawi. Henceforth, I had just to read my secondary school work and re-write my Malawi School Leaving Certificate and this time passed with flight colours. This is what gave me momentum to apply for a university course right here in Malawi. It was in 2014 when I was picked by Mzuzu University to pursue with a bachelor's course in Sciences, Nursing and Midwifery. I am currently in my third year of my studies. Once again, all this wouldn't have been possible for a son of a mere subsistence farmer if it wasn't for your support during my secondary school years. There are so many cases here in Malawi where a good number of people has failed to make it in life due to lack of school fees especially at secondary school level which is a critical and future key determinant stage here in Malawi. It is with a crushed and contrite spirit that I sincerely give thanks for what you did to me! May the Almighty good Lord bless you abundantly as you keep on doing the good work. Stanleck Julius, Mzuzu University, Malawi.

We suggest a donation of £120 a year (£10 a month) With Gift Aid this will provide us with £150. Any amount is welcome. You can donate to the general fund or for an individual child. If you wish to sponsor an individual student for up to 4 years and would like feedback, please indicate on the form. We will provide initial details of the student and a progress report each year. Your details will not be passed on to the student. If you wish, you can start writing to the student but this would be your responsibility. When volunteers visit Dedza they can sometimes take a small gift from you in their luggage.

You can make regular payments or a one-off payment by Standing Order, e-transfer or cheque to -

Account: Dedza Bursaries
Account number : 65184495
Bank : Co-operative Bank
Sort code : 08 92 99

If you are a UK tax payer we can claim back from the Inland Revenue 25p for every £1 that you give at no cost to you. Please use the appropriate box on the form.

Please complete the Bursaries Donation Form and send it as an email attachment to The Norwich Dedza Partnership or print it and post it, with any cheque, to -

The Norwich-Dedza Partnership
317 Unthank Road