Dedza - Economy

Dedza District has potential for economic development, especially because of its proximity to the capital, Lilongwe. There is already a large sawmill and a ceramics factory/pottery on the edge of Dedza Township. The district has a rose exporting business and rice is grown on a commercial scale near the lake.

The Norwich-Dedza Partnership is assisting the development of tourism, both for local visitors from the capital and from abroad (see Projects - Economy Tourism). The website has been developed for tourists. Accomodation is available in Dedza Township and other locations. The forest reserves (Dezda-Salima, Dedza Mountain, Chongoni, and Mua-Livulezi) offer good walks through interesting countryside with spectacular views and interesting wildlife.

Dedza Cultural Centre

Cultural Centre at Mua

Banking in Dedza

Banking in Dedza

The Kungoni Cultural Centre at Mua ( houses the Chamare Museum and Research Centre, which displays the history, culture and spiritual heritage of the Chewa, Ngoni and Yao tribes of central Malawi. The Chongoni Forest Reserve has a World Heritage listed site of rock art. Bembeke Cathedral has spectacular modern frescos.

These local attractions can be combined with more traditional tourist activities at the lakeside resorts of Cape Maclear and Mangochi and the Liwonde National Park game reserve.