Norwich-Dedza Partnership

The Norwich-Dedza Partnership is a charity that develops and supports practical links between Norwich, UK and Dedza District in central Malawi. We believe there are mutual benefits from collaboration leading to a greater appreciation of the differences and similarities in ways of life in the two areas. Projects so far have covered IT, Health, Education, Tourism, Economic Development and Community Facilities. The Partnership welcomes ideas for developing new or existing projects and is grateful for contributions of time, materials or money.

Latest News

Stanleck centre with bursary students 2006 Stanleck centre with bursary students 2006

Stanleck centre with bursary students 2006 (left) and at University in 2018 (right)

Bursary student success

While at Umbwi Secondary School during 2005 to 2008, Stanleck Julius was supported with a bursary to pay his school fees. He got good exam results and went on to do teacher training. After further study while teaching and re-taking exams, he qualified for a university place in nursing. He is now in his third year. His letter of thanks is in the bursary section.

WOW Festival, Norwich

The Norwich-Dedza Partnership stall at WOW

Women of the World Festival, Norwich.

The Southbank Centre London Women of the World Festival was held at Bank Plain in Norwich on the 28th and 29th April. The Festival showcased a very wide variety of cultural, social and political activity by and for women in Norwich and Norfolk.

The Norwich-Dedza Partnership's short presentation on the Saturday lunchtime about our work with the Chongoni Women's Sewing Co-operative and the sanitary pad project was very well received and generated a lot of interest from attendees - see below.

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads

Sanitary pads

Menstruating schoolgirls often have problems because they cannot afford sanitary products. We bought 90 packs of three washable sanitary pads and a pair of pants from a charity in Malawi. These were given to Umbwi Secondary School to be distributed to needy girls. A Dedza women's sewing group has been trained to make the pads. We will buy sets of pads from the women and give them to the school. This will provide the women with further income and help the girls with their schooling. Each set of pads costs £2.

Teacher's House

Teacher's House

Teacher's House

Mtendere Primary School has built a teacher's house with funds provided by an individual donor and the Arcaid charity. There is a shortage of houses at rural schools and teachers often have to rent unsatisfactory rooms in other people's houses. This house will provide good accommodation for a teacher and family. The rent will be used to repair other houses at the school so that they can be let at the full rent. The increased funds will then be used to support the school.


Guardian shelter

The guardian shelter is a hostel where women stay while looking after relatives who are inpatients at the hospital. The funds that we provided last year enabled the extension of a covered cooking area along the whole length of a boundary wall. There is now no cooking taking place on the open ground. Repairs to the sleeping rooms have also been carried out. The shelter will need ongoing maintenance support.


School links

A number of schools in Norfolk are linked with schools in Dedza. No reciprocal visits by teachers have taken place this year because of a change in funding by the British Council. The primary schools carried out a joint learning exercise to develop thinking on the rights and responsibilities of children. The Norfolk schools' work was taken to the Dedza schools by a volunteer. With the help of some secondary school children, she arranged for the pupils to do the same exercise. The work was brought back to the Norfolk schools to compare the results.